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Going Green What Does It Mean? What You Need to Look for When Purchasing an Eco-friendly Home

Everything from hybrid cars to all-natural cleaning supplies, people have brought “green” into their lives and are saving even more in their wallets with a home that’s more energy efficient. A study from the National Association of Home Builders found that 63 percent of homebuyers are motivated by the lower operating and maintenance costs of energy efficient homes.

If an eco-friendly home is what you’re after, read more to learn exactly what you should be looking for when viewing potential homes to buy:


Purchasing a home dedicated to conserving energy resources is not only good for the environment, but also good for cost savings. The standards used for rating green living are offering more clarity including Built Green, ENERGY STAR Homes, LEED, and EarthCraft House.

Today’s Realtors are being asked to navigate the world of green homes for their clients and many are receiving specialized training to better support those demands. Designated EcoBrokers for example are certified to understand and explain the complex ins-and-outs of green homes, including heating and cooling systems and environmental issues like using paint that is low in volatile organic compounds for better air quality.

Here are some building material buzzwords today’s buyers should be aware of:

• Bamboo flooring, a durable and renewable resource;

• Carpeting made of recycled plastic;

• Compact fluorescent bulbs that use less power and have a longer life;

• Geo exchange systems designed to use the Earth’s natural heat to warm a home;

• And solar panels that help a home generate its own energy.

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