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Rainy day home maintenance tips

Bob Dylan once sang “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Well, lately, we in Southeast Wisconsin don’t need a weatherman to tell us the conditions outside are less than favorable. On these overcast, cold and rainy days, it’s easy to curl up in bed and hope the sun will shine again, but why not use the rain as an excuse to maintain your home?

If the sun ever does decide to come out, by all means, enjoy it! But if you’re stuck inside yet another day, follow through with some of these rainy-day home maintenance tips:

Check for leaks: Obviously, the best time to discover if your ceilings, walls or basements are leaking is during a rainfall. Check your attic for water drips or stains, and make sure you can’t see any daylight through the roof. These gaps will need to be repaired. Also assess the basement, as unfinished basements are prone to leakage. If you find a leak, contact a repairman immediately, so you don’t run the risk of ruining anything stored in your lower level.

Watch the water flow: From a safe distance, observe your rain gutters and spouts while it’s raining. Is everything properly connected? Is the water pouring away from the foundation from the downspouts? It’s extremely important to ensure there is no pooling of water near your home’s foundation, as it could cause serious damage to its structure.

Stop drips: If you’re hearing anything inside your home drip, it’s best to fix it now. Check faucets for any drips or leaks, and replace washers anywhere there’s droplets falling.

Maintain your refrigerator: Really, you can do this at any time, but it’s an indoor activity that will pass the time during a rainstorm. To test if the refrigerator doors are sealed tightly, close a dollar bill in the door; if you can pull out the dollar bill easily, it’s time to adjust or replace the latch. And if your fridge has a coil back, now’s a good time to vacuum it. Vacuum the coils at least twice a year and you’ll have a much more efficient refrigerator, saving you on energy bills!

It’s hard to get motivated on a rainy day, but get these tasks down now and you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather with no worries!

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