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Using curb appeal to attract more homebuyers

When preparing your home for a sale, remember the outside is just as important as what’s inside. Whether driving by or looking at an exterior photo online, buyers will decide instantly if they are interested in a home for sale solely by its outside appearance. If you entice someone to come see the inside of your home by keeping its outside looking sharp, you’re just one step closer to that “Sold” sign in your front yard.

Follow these tips to give your home the curb appeal it takes to attract buyers:

Get a fresh set of eyes

You’re more prone to overlook flaws in your home because you see it every day, and over time, that chipped paint or dull hardware won’t stand out to you. Ask a close friend, or your Realtor, to take a good look at the outside of your house and ask them to point out any exterior flaws that might detract someone from wanting to buy your home. You’ll be able to pick out the obvious shaggy grass, fallen branch or clogged gutter, but having a fresh set of eyes can be invaluable.

Clean it up

If you haven’t cleaned the exterior surface of your house in a while, you might want to have it pressure washed. This will clear off all the dirt and mold that might have collected, and also works to clean walkways, too!


Paint is the simplest way to refresh any house. If you’ve got both the time and the means, paint the entire exterior of the home; it doesn’t have to be a whole new hue, even a fresh coat of the same color will brighten up the outside.

If you’re short on time or funds, just simply painting the shutters or front door a bold color will make your home stand out and look more inviting.

Keep it bright

Chances are, people may be doing a drive-by of your home after work, at dusk or nighttime, so make sure it’s fully illuminated and still looks great in the evening. Put a lamppost near the end of your drive, install accent lighting to highlight interesting focal points in your yard, or line your drive or walkway with low-voltage lights to create a more inviting feel.

It’s not just the front

Some people may actually drive around to see the back of your home. Make sure you keep the rear exterior looking just as sharp as the front.

And take the neighborhood you live in into consideration. If it’s filled with kids, a bike in the yard or basketball hoop in the driveway is ok. If it’s more of an older neighborhood, keep your children’s toys stowed away.

Add accents

Incorporating friendly accents around the house exterior will make it all the more welcoming. Potted flowers framing either side of your door give it a striking appearance. Set out rocking chairs or install a deck swing for a relaxing, sociable feel. Install new, shiny doorknobs or knockers for a polished look. These small accents go a long way in creating an overall pleasant, inviting home exterior.

If you can’t afford to do a complete overhaul on the outside of your home, focus on what needs it most and do your best to fix up that area. Remember, your home’s exterior is a potential buyer’s first impression – wow them outside and they’ll be excited to see what’s within.

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