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Community Spotlight: Shorewood

Desty Lorino is a real estate agent in Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s North Shore office, located in Glendale. He is a lifelong resident of Shorewood, and today shares with Metro Milwaukee Living why it’s a great community in which to live.

With all the places I could be living I’ve chosen Shorewood.  For all practical purposes I grew up in the village and spent a lot of time in and around the communities that form the “North Shore,” and there are plenty of reasons why I am still a resident.  When my wife and I decided to purchase our first home we looked all over:  Bay View, Wauwatosa and a handful of other communities we had friends in.  It was on a whim that we looked at a house in Shorewood – and it turned out to be as affordable as any other community.  We made our offer quickly, and with interest rates on the rise we jumped at the chance to lock in at 13%.

We had no idea that, 30 years later, we would still be in Shorewood, but it has always felt like home.  It’s mostly the people and the lifestyle that have kept us here, but at first it was the schools.  The standards in Shorewood and the surrounding areas are very high and these demands have kept the community schools leaders in education.  The popularity has always created demand and along with the demand stable values.  I’m no genius but I was the beneficiary of great increases in the value of my homes throughout the years. 

Now that my wife and I are empty nesters, we are enjoying the safety of the community. Another aspect that goes unnoticed:  Every time I have to show houses around town I’m so glad I can live in an area that takes me less time to walk to the store than it does to find a parking spot.  This is not a joke! What used to be a 15-minute ride to the west side of town can take an hour or more.  The sense of community that develops within each neighborhood can’t be measured.  Even folks that don’t necessarily like each other have put up with those neighbors for 10 even 15 years.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but you’ll find that “sense of community” throughout the Northshore.

- Desty Lorino, Coldwell Banker agent – Northshore office


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