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Milwaukee 13th most-walkable city in the U.S.!

It’s hard not to notice the influx of cranes and scaffolding dotting Milwaukee’s downtown skyline. Walking the city streets, it seems around every corner is a new condo development shooting toward the sky. Blame gas prices or praise the ease of downtown living, but it seems more and more people are looking into moving downtown.

Typically, living downtown means leaving your car in park, and trading in the gas guzzler for a bus pass or a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Luckily enough for Downtown dwellers in Milwaukee, has ranked Milwaukee as the 13th most-walkable city in the United States. What’s more, eight Milwaukee neighborhoods are classified as a “Walker’s Paradise,” according to the web site, while 28 more rank as “Very Walkable.”

So what constitutes these classifications? awards points to each neighborhood based on the number of amenities within a square mile of a central location, including grocers, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, businesses and shopping. The more amenities within a square mile, the higher the points the neighborhood earns.

Living in a walkable neighborhood is key to where you choose to move downtown. With so many eclectic restaurants, unique boutiques and affordable grocers around every corner, you rarely have to leave your neighborhood. Hoofing it around the neighborhood not only means filling up your tank far less (and maybe forgoing driving altogether!), but you’ll also be burning more calories, contributing to local retailers and getting a better feel for the city you live in.

If you are considering moving Downtown, or if you already live there, check out’s full list of Milwaukee’s walkable neighborhoods to see just how well yours fits in.

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