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A Simple Note Goes a Long Way

Wondering how to improve your business and client relationships? It may seem archaic but writing your customers a hand-written note and including your business card can help you stand out amongst the rest and increase your business. I know you are probably thinking, “But this doesn’t involve the internet or social media in any way?” That is exactly my point. Nowadays when it’s hard to even find time for a quick run, hand-written notes can make all the difference in your business. Writing shows that you made the time and effort to reach out to the customer.  It doesn’t matter whether the recipient is buying or selling anytime in the near future, because they may know someone that is in the market right now that they can pass your card along to. You do not have to do this all at once, but I suggest writing two to four cards a day to get things rolling. After sending out a few cards, I think you will see just how effective hand-written notes can be for your business.


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