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Tis the Season… Make Sure your Home is Holiday Party Ready

It’s that time of year again, where holiday parties start invading every one of your well-deserved weekends. Guests and friends of guests are coming in and out of homes around this time of year. Something else that could possibly be coming in and out of your home around this time of year is that cold and frigid winter air. During these times, it is vital to make sure your home is ready and prepared for the months ahead. Did you know that your home can lose up to thirty percent of its heating and cooling energy by air leaks? Yikes! Checking air pressure cracks in windows and making sure doors are properly secure can help to make sure your home is energy efficient and ready to brave the harsh winds of the winter.

Checking for air leaks

This is the first step in making sure your home is energy efficient. To do this, walk around your home and make sure every window and door are securely closed. Light a candle or a stick of incense and walk up to your door and window frames where drafts could sneak in. If the flame is flickering, then you most likely have an air leak, but if not then you should be fine.

Fixing Window Air Leaks

For your homes windows, adding new weather stripping and caulking can really help eliminate those pesky drafts. You can choose a few ways to do this. The first way you could do this is by buying some self-stick plastic stripping. However, these kinds don’t last as long as others. If you want stripping that will last a long time but requires a little more time for installation, then your best bet would be bronze weather stripping. For a technique that falls in between these two, try adhesive-backed EPDM rubber. This technique is affordable and rated to last at least ten years.

Fixing Door Air Leaks

You should replace your weather stripping on your doors with new ones whenever you see it coming loose; however during the winter this is extra important to check. There are a few ways to do this as well. One way is by using foam-type of tape that has an adhesive backing to it. This technique is inexpensive and simple to do. If it does happen to come loose, just reinforce with staples.  A longer-lasting but more complicated way to fix a door leak can be done by using tubular rubber, vinyl and silicone weather stripping. Some of these fixins come with a flange that is designed to fit into pre-cut grooves of doors, which makes it easier.

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