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Make your Home “Spook-Tacular” for Halloween

Some may think that December is the only holiday filled month that they can be creative and exciting with decorations, but boy were they wrong. This year, make your home a Halloween site to remember.  Go out and grab some pumpkins, spray-paint and cheesecloth and start letting those creative juices flow.  If you’re not too scared, keep on reading and you can find frighteningly fun ways to make your home “Spook-tacular” with the family with these three items.


Pumpkins are a must for creating the perfect Halloween vibe for your home. With pumpkins, it is easy to get really creative. There are two really easy ways you can decorate pumpkins for Halloween. The first being the classic way most like to do with carving shapes or faces into the pumpkin.  However, for a more kid-friendly approach that doesn’t involve knifes, try spray-painting your pumpkins. There are hundreds of different ways you can decorate your pumpkin with spray-paint. You can cut out shapes, tape it on the pumpkin, and spray-paint over it for a ‘fun’ vibe. Or, spray-paint the pumpkin all one color and glue all sorts of things on it. Who knew pumpkins could be so fun?


Webs are crucial when transforming your home into a ‘Spook-tacular’ site. There are the spiders webs you can buy from the store to decorate the outdoor of your home but, did you know you can also make creepy webs for inside your home? Using a tangle of cheesecloth, you can rip, cut and tear it to your hearts delight.  Once you are done making the cheesecloth look like a spiders dream home, they are ready to be put on display. These ragged-looking spider webs can be hung across any entryway or placed on your dining room table as a table-runner that your guests will never forget!


Candles are typically used to garnish the home and create a nice calming feel whenever they are lit. This Halloween, transform your candles and make them an eerily essential part of your decorations. There are many ways you can decorate candles to make them ‘Spook-tacular’. However, a favorite way of doing this is by using matte-gray spray paint on candlesticks that are used for tiered wedding cakes. Once they are dry, they are ready to be used. Light up your finished product when you have guests over and you will be sure to amaze them with your ghastly creativeness!

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