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Wisconsin State Fair Fun Facts

Today marks the opening day of the Wisconsin State Fair, the place where Wisconsinites congregate to enjoy live music and entertainment, take their turn going down the giant slide and fill their stomachs with cream puffs. How many cream puffs filled fairgoers’ stomach’s in 2011? 355,478 to be exact. Here are some more fun facts about the State Fair and its signature food item; the cream puff.


  • 200,000 eggs, 14,000 gallons of whipping cream and 350 pounds of unsalted butter were used to make the cream puffs.
  • 911,231 people visited the fair in 2011, the most since 1983.
  • The average age of a fairgoer is 38 years old.
  • 550,425 pounds of ice was used.
  • 52,143 grilled cheese sandwiches were consumed
  • Over 3,000 total exhibitors showcased animals, cheese, meat and much more.
  • 7,800 chocolate cover cranberries on a stick were sold.
  • 89% of State Fair attendees call the Dairy State home.

The above statistics are courtesy of the Wisconsin State Fair.

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