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Winter Cleaning Tips for Your Home

You’ve heard of ‘spring cleaning’ right? But have you heard of winter cleaning? Probably not and for good reason. Cleaning your home in the wintertime brings a whole new set of challenges. From drier air to dirtier floors and entryways, here are some tips that can help keep your home clean for the rest of the winter:

Wash the windows

If you are one of those people who routinely lights candles or fires in your house when the weather gets cold, washing your windows would be beneficial. Believe it or not, soot and other residue from the flames can accumulate on the windows, blocking sunlight from entering and naturally warming your home.

Check your furnace

Be sure to check your furnace filter monthly and replace when necessary. This can help make your furnace more efficient and save you money. It is also important to keep your furnace and the area around it clean and dusted so the furnace can operate at its peak efficiency.

Dust more often

More dust usually accumulates inside of your house in winter because the home is drier, so dusting becomes even more of a necessity.

Consider waterproof or all-weather floor mats

Due to the amount of snow, slush, salt and mud tracked inside during the winter months, all-weather floor mats would be a wise investment. When walking in, you can take your shoes off on the mat, where they can dry without you worrying about staining the rug where you walk in.

Always clean the most high traffic areas

This is a cleaning tip that can be used in any season, not just winter. It is always important to clean the highest traffic areas most often because they, obviously, get the dirtiest.

Stay warm and stay clean!

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