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Great Reasons to Sell Your House Now Instead of Waiting until After the Holidays

Traditionally, the holiday season can be the slowest time of the year for home sellers, but that doesn’t mean it’s an unwise time to put your house on the market.

Here are six great reasons for you to consider selling your house now:

1. Your home may show better during the holiday season

Holiday décor adorning the home creates a fabulous staging opportunity. Establishing a warm and inviting atmosphere can attract more buyers and ultimately create greater demand for your home.

2. The holidays can create additional sentiment

Your home’s holiday allure can elicit more sentimental and emotional behavior allowing the buyer to imagine what the season would be like if they were living in your home.

3. Less work, more play

Buyers may have extra vacation days to use before the end of the year which provides additional time to search for a home.

4. Incorporate your schedule into the sale of your home

If you’re worried about putting your house on the market because you are either hosting guests or leaving the house to visit family and friends, there is no need to put those plans on hold. Buyers understand those commitments and are sympathetic to your holiday schedule.

5. Inventory level can be your friend

Often, home sellers wait until after the holidays to put their property on the market. Currently, there is a lower level of inventory which can increase demand.

6. Who knows what the New Year holds?

Take advantage of current interest rates. Interest rates are at record lows. Nobody knows when those rates will rise or what the new year will hold.

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