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Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty this Winter

Tomorrow marks the first official day of winter, which means a few more months of chilly temperatures… and high energy bills! There are plenty of ways to keep your home warm, like installing storm doors, caulking gaps around windows and adding more insulation, but there are quite a few more creative ways to keep the warmth in this winter. Today, we’re providing you with tips and tricks for keeping your home toasty in frigid temps.

Avoid using ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Yes. Even if it’s stinky. Ventilation fans suck up  some of the heated air from the room, and if left on can drain an entire house’s worth of heat in a matter of an hour.

Optimize Your Cooking and Baking Schedule. When it’s time to cook or bake, turn down the heat in your home and benefit from the “free” warmth coming from your oven or stovetop. You can even crack the oven door after you’ve finished to let out the remaining heat inside.

Take advantage of the sun. Open blinds and curtains on windows facing the sun to add some much-needed heat into a home at no extra cost. In the daylight hours, homeowners can lower their thermostat to preserve energy and money as well.

Cover your floors. It’s easy for any heat that is in your home to escape into the ground through uncarpeted floors. Even small rugs act as insulation, and any insulation is better than none. If you have a large area covered in wood flooring or linoleum, getting a large area rug or even an extra piece of carpet from a local store can go far toward lowering your energy costs and keeping you warm.

Use curtains made of heavy fabric.  During winter, switch out your curtains to heavier materials that trap more natural heat and light than the breezy, summery kind.

Install leaf guards on gutters. Leaves that build up in gutters trap water and snow, which may freeze and cool off a house in addition to potentially causing physical damage.

Keep the roof properly maintained. Holes or missing tiles and shingles  provide optimal escape routes  for warm air to leave the house.

Close off any unused rooms. Don’t waste precious heat on rooms you don’t spend time in. Keep warm air circulating and concentrated in areas with higher traffic by shutting the doors to rooms that see very little activity.

Spin fans in reverse. Many ceiling fans come with a mechanism to switch the blades from spinning counterclockwise to clockwise. The normal method produces a nice cooling effect for summer, but in the wintertime a counter rotation will suck up colder air and recycle anything towards the ceiling back into the room.

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