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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

It’s been feeling positively summerlike in Southeast Wisconsin lately, and along with rising temperatures comes the time to tend to some parts of the house you’ve been neglecting over the long winter months. So before we reach the peak of swimming pools, cookouts and festival fun, take some time to ensure your home is in good condition for the season.

Here are some helpful summer home maintenance tips all homeowners should tackle:

  •  Wash the exterior of your house. Avoid using a power washer, as their pressure is so strong, they are capable of pushing water under the siding of your house, causing mold and mildew to grow underneath.
  • Clean and repair window and door screens. Bring screens out from storage and lay them on the grass, sidewalk or deck. Take a clean paint brush and dust the screens. Dip a large, soft-bristle brush in warm, soapy water and gently scrub both sides of the screens. Rinse, and let dry in the sun. If your screens have small tears, mend with a needle and thread.
  • Repair cracks in concrete patios & driveways. No matter the size of the crack, repair is necessary because water can find its way into cracks and will soften the ground underneath, causing even more severe cracking. You can repair most cracks less than 1/4” by caulking them. Clean the crack out with a high-pressure hose nozzle, let it dry, and apply the caulk into the crack. For larger cracks, you should use concrete patch instead of caulk.
  • Check your cooling system. Before using your air conditioner for the summer, make sure its filter is clean, and continue changing the filter every couple months the system is in use. Consult the owner’s manual to find out exactly how to clean the system. Make sure the surround area is free of plant life, rid the evaporator unit of dirt and clean and replace the pan from the bottom of the unit.
  • Trim back any trees or shrubs that have grown too close to the house. This not only prevents damage to your home from tree limbs but helps with safety, too, by eliminating any blind spots.
  • Thoroughly clean the dryer lint.  Clean the lint trap as well as the exterior vent cap. It needs to be clear to avoid the trapping of air, which can actually result in carbon monoxide backing up into your house.
  • Before leaving for vacation, check your home security. Make sure all the locks work well on the windows and doors and test your alarm system. Put your lights on a timing system. You may also want to have your newspapers and mail suspended or have a neighbor pick them up for you when you travel. 

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