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Pet Peeves Solved by Home Design

We love our little four-legged friends for the companionship, loyalty, laughter and cuddles they give us every day. However, for all the joy they bring us, pets can also be hard work – on both you and your home. From heavy shedding to unsightly pet beds to concealing where they “do their business,” it’s difficult to keep a beautiful home and a happy Fifi or Fido.

However, thanks to some oh-so clever trends in home design, you don’t have to compromise a well-kept home as a pet owner. Here are some ideas we love in solving a few of the most notorious “pet peeves.”


Beautiful Beds

We like to keep our companions cozy providing them with big, cushy pet beds. However, many times those beds take up space and often look unsightly sitting in the middle of your living room floor. If you’ve got the space, a perfect option is a built-in bed for your pet. Whether it’s below a kitchen countertop or even a pooch parlor built right in to the wall, your pet can live in comfort while you bask in style.

Minnesota Private Residence traditional kitchen


Designer Doggie Dishes

In staying with the built-in trend, this clever kitchen island devotes one side entirely to Rover. Three bowls are built in for food and water, and any treats, toys, medicine or leashes can be stored in the drawers (with adorable bone-shaped cutouts) above.

If you’ve got an expanded empty space below your counters (usually meant to house a trash can), why not slip a food and water bowl in the space?

Kitchen traditional kitchen

Concealed Cat Boxes

Let’s face it: litter boxes are not only stinky, they’re often unsightly. Hide the hole darn thing by cutting out a little cove in your home where Fluffy can do her business in privacy. If you’re not keen on cutting a hole in your wall, designate an empty cabinet to house the box, and create a door for your cat to come and go as she pleases.

Master bath / laundry modern bathroom

If you’ve got an unlimited budget, this sleek and stylish bench also doubles as a cat bed. At $2,200, it’s not cheap – but even pets need spoiling, too.

Kattbank 48 Lacquer Veneer modern pet accessories


Have you put to use any clever ideas in concealing less-than-pretty pet necessities? Share them in the comments below!



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