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It’s spring! Have your “May flowers” already arrived?

Today is technically the first day of spring, but we’re in the midst of the warmest start of the year on record and have been enjoying temperatures in the upper 70s (and even 80s!) for days now! In this crazy-warm “winter” we’ve had, the birds are already singing and the tulips are rising. What’s up with that?

Spring temperatures in winter mean your landscaping thinks it’s May instead of what should be the end of winter (we’re usually still shoveling snow at this point!). This means we need to dig out some of our garden gear a little earlier than we expected. Take advantage of this beautiful, unseasonable weather while you can. We need to take care of plants according to the temperature outside, not our iCalendars.

That means watering gardens and foundation plants that are drying out in this spooky warmth. Also, mulch to avoid dehydration (of plants, not you) and pull weeds to protect your home’s curb appeal, and save yourself some grief when the real spring arrives.

Does your landscaping have spring fever? What’s growing that shouldn’t be growing in your yard?

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