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Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer: Celebration!

In my last post, I detailed just how tough the whole waiting process is during house hunting. Well…. After submitting the second counter offer, I didn’t have to wait long! In fact, about 10 minutes after the “waiting” post went live, I found out my offer was accepted! Everyone all together now: HAPPY DANCE! I was incredibly excited, and sort of in a state of shock – I couldn’t believe the sellers accepted so quickly, and at such a great price on the home! It was one GIANT step toward homeownership, and one I am wholeheartedly excited to to make.

But while my thoughts immediately slipped over to “let’s start decorating!” I needed to remind myself that just because the offer was accepted doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. In our contract, it was stated the home will need to be inspected within 10 days of acceptance of an offer. My Realtor provided me a couple of names of trusted, reputable inspectors and had me set up an appointment for this week. I’ll go on the inspection tomorrow, along with my Realtor and the selling Realtor, and see if any issues need to be taken care of before moving forward with purchasing the home. I’m looking forward to the inspection in hopes that I’ll learn a lot about house structure and maintenance issues, and I’ll definitely go with a camera in hand to take loads of photos to tide me over before our final walkthrough in May.

Keep your fingers crossed that the inspection goes well!

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