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Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer: Tough Decisions

In my last entry, I wrote about seeing the top choice for my new home again and possibly making an offer. Well, I can tell you things didn’t go exactly as planned. I was completely excited about the possibility of putting an offer on a home, but also a little nervous about doing something so official. You know, something that required my signature – in ink. But I figured that’s how everyone feels going through the home buying process for the first time. Pulling up to the home, I was all ready for the next step.

However, being inside the property for the second time, I was able to pick out some flaws that wouldn’t be so easy to overlook down the road: the fact that in this Townhome, I could hear the next-door neighbors walking upstairs. After measuring where the appliances would fit in the kitchen (great tip to do so from my Realtor!), noticing they would only fit smaller than standard-size. But the biggest thing I couldn’t get over was the size of the bedrooms – even the master bedroom would be cramped – and the third bedroom would barely be able to fit a twin bed and very small dresser. These are things that, under a more keen eye, just wouldn’t do – even if I did love the main floor, basement and location. I had to walk away, and once I did I felt more relieved than sad; a sure sign I made the right decision.

So, as for now, it’s “back to the drawing board” in my house hunt. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled, but I keep reminding myself that I’m in no rush and it’s not essential I find a home right away. I know it’s most important to absolutely love the home I want to buy, one that won’t scare me to make an offer on. As for now, I’m signing off on my first-time homebuyer diary, but keep looking for me in the future! You never know when the home of my dreams will hit the market, and then I’ll be ready and happy to share about it.

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