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6 Storage Solutions You Didn’t Know You Had

If there is one thing every homeowner could agree they need more of around the house, it’s probably storage. Spacious cabinets, roomy closets, ample basement or attic space – these are the things homeowners crave. We all need a place to stash our “stuff,” but if your closets are filled to the brim already you may be at a loss as to where to store your keepsakes, out-of-season clothing or just every day odds and ends. Here are six ultra-clever ways to keep your things out of site and neatly tucked away.

1.      Take a step – A staircase is one of the greatest examples of maximizing every inch of your home. There are countless ways to use the stairs in your home as storage solutions, but we love the use of each step as a pull-out drawer, creating under-the-stairs bookshelves or pull-out drawers and even converting that empty space below into a cozy reading nook.


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