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Happy Leap Day!

Every four years, we fall upon a rare experience the whole world can commemorate. No, we’re not talking about the Olympics (those come later this year) – we’re talking about Leap Day! We only see February 29th every fourth year, and today is that day.

While Leap Day isn’t technically a holiday, it does come with its share of excitement. Not only can those people born on Leap Day celebrate their birthday on the actual date they were born (something they can only do every four years), but many cultures have special traditions to commemorate the special occasion. Here are a few: (more…)

Celebrity Kitchens

Whether they make you cry in the movie theater, bang your head at a rock show or sing along to the lyrics they’ve written in your car, celebrities do make an impact on our lives. But could they make an impact on your home design decisions? Architectural Digest brings us into the kitchens – from the very extravagant to the surprisingly simple – of a few very different stars of screen and stage. Whose kitchen is your favorite? Which star’s kitchen surprises you? Check out the slideshow here and share what you think of these kitchens of the stars.

6 reasons why you still need a real-estate agent

With technology making it easier every day to search for homes online, advertise your property on Craigslist and communicate quickly with other buyers and sellers, you might be wondering if hiring a Realtor is really a worthwhile investment – why pay a commission when you could do it all on your own? A real-estate transaction is not something to take lightly, and there could be some areas in the process that are easily overlooked by the Average Joe or Jane Homebuyer. A knowledgeable Realtor can help guide you through the process, not only saving you time and frustration but, believe it or not, also saving you money in the long run. Here are some reasons why it’s important to trust a Realtor with your next real estate transaction: (more…)

Want a date? Buy a home

If you spent February 14th celebrating “Singles Awareness Day” rather than “Valentine’s Day,” maybe it’s time to buy a new home. According to a recent survey of 1,000 single people, the majority of both men and women find home ownership to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. More than a third of women and 18% of men said they’d much rather date a homeowner than a renter.

Even if you do own a home, but – deal breaker – share it with at least one roommate, you still may come up empty in the dating department. Sixty-two percent of all respondents clearly prefer if you own the home and live alone. We shouldn’t even have to mention how bad your odds are if you’re still living the mom and dad, but just to give you an idea of your odds of landing a date under the roof of your parents? (more…)

Tiny Houses: Could you live in less than 600 sq ft?

According to a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS, fewer and fewer people are putting a priority on having a large home, and instead are looking for community characteristics like having a walkable neighborhood. While living in a McMansion may not be your top priority, could you ever see yourself living in less than 100 square feet?  We’re all for the less-is-more movement, but after learning about this home that’s only 89 square-feet total (which includes a kitchen, bathroom and even a fireplace!), we’re left to wonder: what’s the smallest square footage you could live with?

Take a look at this slideshow and give your two cents about which tiny house you would call home.


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