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Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. A season of gathering with loved ones, preparing delicious food and keeping a warm, happy home… if only it were so simple. The secret to that happy home is making sure it is properly prepared for the gaggle of guests and containers of cookies. Before opening your home for the holidays, ensure everything will be merry by following these tips:

Give your Guest Room the 5-Star Treatment. Make your guests feel as at-home as possible by providing cozy, clean bedding, plush pillows and plenty of homey amenities. Supply rooms with small baskets of extra toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste and lotion. You may also want to add an alarm clock, night lamp and some reading materials in the room. If you guests are staying for more than a couple of days, clear out some closet or dresser space so they can unpack their suitcases and ensure clothing stays wrinkle free.

Beautify your Bathroom. Forgive me for being blunt, but chances are your bathroom will be seeing a lot of action over the holidays. Make sure the toilet is clean inside and out and every piece is working properly – though it may not look pretty, keep a plunger within sight… you know, just in case.  (more…)

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