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Don’t Let Your Home Be a “Pet Peeve”

When it comes to selling a home, man’s best friend can quickly become a potential buyer’s pet peeve. When you’re selling a house, the family dog, cat or guinea pig can deter buyers from purchasing your home. Work with your Realtor to adequately prepare your home when pets are involved.

Sellers with pets don’t need to call on Dr. Doolittle, but should consider these points when dealing with their animals:

  • Don’t let your pet show your home. Even the nicest pets can make some buyers uncomfortable, so it’s best to remove animals from the home during a showing. If you can’t find a spot for Fido, keep him out of sight and under control.
  • Smell doesn’t sell. When your home is on the market, it’s important to keep it impeccably clean. Remove all dirty litter boxes and dog potty pads. The idea is to take away any evidence that the pet was even there, which includes all stains and animal hair that may cause allergic reactions. (more…)

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