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Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer: It’s Official!

Well, as of 2:30pm Thursday, it’s official: I’m a homeowner!!! And you know what? Closing wasn’t as painful as people lead me to believe. I sat in one room with my Realtor, Mortgage Advisor and a representative from our title company as we went through all the official forms and documents. Sure, my wrist got a workout from signing and initialing a couple dozen times, but it actually was a very quick, simple process! The forms were explained to me, I signed away, handed over my check covering closing costs (which was the hardest part of the whole process…) and received my house keys! The whole thing was over within 45 minutes. I’d prepared myself for two hours of industry jargon, signing about 200 forms and then leaving with a frazzled brain, but it was quick, painless and really exciting!

Immediately (and I mean, immediately) after closing, I rushed over to officially claim my new house – I couldn’t get there soon enough! After some minor fumbling with the locks (OK, I may have worked about 10 minutes or so to actually get inside…) I was in my new home for the first time as its official owner. It was a very surreal feeling – I still can’t believe it’s really mine, but I’m so excited to make it my own. I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse – and just standing in my backyard, grass under my toes, enjoying yesterday’s beautiful weather, I knew I had made the right choice. (more…)

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