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Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer: Seeing the Real Deal

Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer follows a 20-something Milwaukee resident on her quest for the American Dream. Last time we checked in, she went through the pre-approval process and was get excited about going on showings over the weekend. So how did the homes compare in person as opposed to online? Read on to find out!

Wow… what a weekend! You’d think going on showings of homes would be exhilarating (and it is), but it’s also exhausting! I had five homes on my list that I wanted to see on Saturday, and it was all a lot to take in. The five homes we toured were all very different from one another. From new construction to rehabilitation to 100+ year-old homes, there was a lot to consider when looking through each.

Because I knew all the lines would blur by the end of the day, I was sure to bring a camera to snap photos of all the things I liked in the homes, and also the things I didn’t like. If I questioned anything, it was always easy to look back at the photos to refresh my memory. Along with the photos, I took notes on each of the homes, listing pros and cons of each, and noting little details my Realtor pointed out that I otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.  I’ll just say that just because you’ve looked at a home’s photos a thousand times online does not mean you have an excellent feel for the home. I felt I was pretty selective when choosing which homes I wanted to see, and once I stepped into a couple of homes, I was shocked about how different they were in person. I was able to tell whether I really liked a home or not within about 10 seconds of being there. And let’s just say that a home atop an impossibly gigantic hill was a “not” right off the bat. Not until they make gravity-defying lawnmowers, at least. (more…)

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