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Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer: Taking the Plunge

Diary of a First-Time Homebuyer” is a new series here on Metro Milwaukee Living. We’ll be following a 20-something buyer as she goes through the process of purchasing her very first home. Whether she’s feeling excited, nervous, at a loss or on top of the world, you’ll hear it direct from the source. Keeping coming back for the tales of the triumphs and trials on the road to home ownership.

If you would’ve asked in January if I’d be buying a home anytime this year, I would’ve answered you with a snort, followed by a resounding “No!” Sure, purchasing a home was something I saw myself doing in the next few years, but I love the apartment and the neighborhood where I live now. And besides, being a homeowner sounds so….. adult.

So what change my mind? The little unpleasantries of apartment dwelling were starting to pick at me a bit more than usual this winter – going down seven floors to do laundry, only to find out that not only are the two washers supplied for the entire building already in use, but also that I had no quarters to run the machines, anyway. Not being able to walk straight out of my home and into my car or out to the yard is also a nuisance. But I think the real kicker – the thing that threw me over the edge into dreams of homeownership – was street parking. Any street parker in the city of Milwaukee can tell you that during winter nearly everyone’s mind drifts off the dreamy pictures of warm garages just steps away from their door. It’s a beautiful thought.


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