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10 Reasons to Buy a Home in 2011

Is 2011 your year to become a homeowner? Most people who choose a New Year’s resolution typically pick a goal to achieve or habit to break, but 2011 may be the year that they resolve to buy their first home.

The reasons for first-time home buyers to invest now just keep adding up. Setting goals and adopting good habits, such as saving more, reducing debt and improving credit scores, will put first timers in a good position to get what they want in the New Year.

Here are 10 reasons to invest in real estate in 2011: (more…)

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our readers a very happy holiday filled with laughter, love and plenty of cheer. Merry Christmas, everyone!

5 Reasons for a Mortgage Refinance Other Than Lowering Your Payment

Naturally, if you’re paying 6% for your mortgage and you can refinance at 5%, you’re gonna do it. Although cutting your monthly payment remains an important motive, there are at least five other reasons to consider a mortgage refinance, for long-term savings and convenience.

1. Change your mortgage term

If you decrease the term of your mortgage in a refinance by going from a 30-year to a 15-year, you’ll pay a lower interest rate and shorten your total interest costs. You’ll build home equity more quickly, and pay off your loan sooner, even though your monthly payments go up. (more…)

9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers

Give your pocketbook and Mother Nature a gift this season by taking advantage of these simple, surprising ways to save energy and money.

Put lamps in the corners: Did you know you can switch to a lower wattage bulb in a lamp or lower its dimmer switch and not lose a noticeable amount of light? It’s all about placement. When a lamp is placed in a corner, the light reflects off the adjoining walls, which makes the room lighter and brighter.

Switch to a laptop: If you’re reading this article on a laptop, you’re using 1/3 less energy than if you’re reading this on a desktop.

Choose an LCD TV: If you’re among those considering a flat-screen upgrade from your conventional, CRT TV, choose an LCD screen for the biggest energy save. (more…)

Keep Your Family Safe During the Holidays & Beyond

Cathy Rapp is a real estate agent and part of the Pop/Rapp Team in Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s North Shore office. Today, Cathy explains the importance of keeping your family safe by taking precautions when it comes to carbon monoxide in your home.

Keep Your Family Safe During the Holidays & Beyond

Every year about this time, I am reminded of the family traveling for the holidays to meet at a friend’s vacation home. I won’t get into the details, but falling asleep together after a long day of traveling, they all tragically died during the night from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Center for Disease Control reports that the majority of carbon monoxide exposures and poisoning occur more often during the fall and winter when people are more likely to use gas furnaces, heaters and generators in their homes. Carbon monoxide is a hidden threat as it is both a colorless and odorless gas. Keep your home, family, friends and pets safe during the holidays by following the CDC Recommendations below: (more…)

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