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Create a kid-friendly move

Moving into a new home brings with it a lot of emotions, particularly for families moving with children. Excitement and enthusiasm are coupled with anxiety and apprehension as to whether the kids will take to the new home and neighborhood. Carefully preparing children for the move, both practically and psychologically, can help ease the transition and make the process much smoother for the family.

Moving is stressful for anyone, but it can be unsettling for children. Create a moving list or game plan well in advance to ensure that children are ready for the big day.

  • Communicate. Maintain an open dialogue with children about the decision to move in to a new house. Explain the reasons behind the move, and answer questions truthfully. Focusing on the positives of the move may also help settle down anxious children.
  • Comfort. Pack up the kids’ rooms last to minimize disruption. The longer kids feel secure in their rooms, the easier the transition will be. Set up their new bedrooms first, so they feel like they’re back in familiar surroundings, and don’t completely redecorate the kids’ rooms in the new home to help them feel secure.
  • Surprise. Arrange for a few special treats to be waiting for everyone at the new house. New games or new stuffed animals will keep the kids busy during unpacking and make the first memory of the new house a pleasant one.  A babysitter can also be a great option during the move to keep the kids away from the inevitable chaos.
  • Explore. After you move, help the kids discover their new neighborhood. Find good neighbors who can point out the playgrounds, community centers, recreation areas and other areas important to the kids that will help make the environment seem more familiar. 

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