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Fall home maintenance tips

If you can’t tell by the recent plummeting of temperatures (and humidity!), fall is fast approaching. Before the days get too short and the temperature drops too low, you’ll want to prepare your home for the upcoming season. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Southeast Wisconsin and follow these tips to preparing your home for fall:

Check the Heater. Before you actually start depending on your heater every day, make sure it’s working correctly. Schedule an appointment with a heating and cooling specialist and have your system checked out once a year each fall.

Plug up leaks. To prevent your home from losing heat once the weather cools down, check how tightly sealed your windows and doors are. A good test is to place a lit candle near the window or door – if the flame flickers, you should caulk or place weather-stripping around them. You’ll also want to replace any screen doors with storm doors at this time. (more…)

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