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8 Solutions to Common Wet Basement Problems

It’s been a pretty soggy June so far here in Southeast Wisconsin, and chances are the showers we’ve been having seemingly every day could be paying a toll on the exterior and even the interior of your home, including your basement.

Nothing poses a greater long-term risk to your home’s value than a wet basement. If left unchecked, basement moisture can ruin floors and walls, encourage mold, even damage roofing. Some wet basements are easy to cure, simply by making sure gutters stay clear and by diverting gutter water well away from the foundation. But if the problem comes from other sources—water flowing toward the house on the surface, seeping in from underground, or backing up through municipal storm drains—you’ve got to take more aggressive action. Here’s help with figuring out what may be causing your water trouble, and eight basement waterproofing strategies to try, from the simplest and least expensive to the most challenging and costly. (more…)

Metro Milwaukee’s Festival Weekend Preview

If it seems like there’s a festival, block party or outdoor gathering every weekend here in Metro Milwaukee, it’s because that’s pretty much the case. That’s the reason the city has been termed the “City of Festivals.” We know how precious our summers are here, so we pack as much fun into them as we can! As the summer goes on, we’ll preview each weekend’s most fun and interesting events so you can plan accordingly. These festivals are great ways to try sample new foods, drink, music and more – so many ways to experience different cultures right in one area!

 Here’s what’s on tap for this weekend:

FRIDAY-SUNDAY (All weekend long):

Milwaukee Air & Water Show (Milwaukee’s Lakefront including Bradford Beach, Veteran’s Park and McKinley Marina)                                                                                                                                    Take the kids down the Milwaukee Lakefront to see aircraft of all kinds take to the skies above Lake Michigan. As always, the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels will be creating a spectacle that’s not to be missed! Blue Angels fly at approximately 3 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free. (more…)

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

While summer is technically still a couple of weeks away, the weather in Southeast Wisconsin the past couple of weeks suggests that it’s already in full swing! Along with summer’s rising temperatures comes the time to tend to some parts of the house you’ve been neglecting over the cold winter and rainy spring months. So before we reach the peak of swimming pools, cookouts and festival fun, take some time to ensure your home is in good condition for the season.

Here are some helpful summer home maintenance tips all homeowners should tackle:

  • Wash the exterior of your house. Avoid using a power washer, as their pressure is so strong, they are capable of pushing water under the siding of your house, causing mold and mildew to grow underneath.
  • Clean and repair window and door screens. Bring screens out from storage and lay them on the grass, sidewalk or deck. Take a clean paint brush and dust the screens. Dip a large, soft-bristle brush in warm, soapy water and gently scrub both sides of the screens. Rinse, and let dry in the sun. If your screens have small tears, mend with a needle and thread. (more…)

Milwaukee-area summer “Staycation” ideas

Heather Roden is a real estate agent and part of the Roden/Lindauer team in Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s Mequon office. Heather will periodically be sharing with Metro Milwaukee Living some fantastic and fun ideas for “staycations” around Southeast Wisconsin. Today, she shares one of the region’s most overlooked gems: its beaches.

Nothing says a hassle-free summer like the “staycation.” And there are many staycation ideas to choose from; moreover, there are daily ones to consider that the entire family can enjoy. Perhaps my favorite staycation is spending time at our area’s wonderful beaches. While there are many popular beaches on Lake Michigan, sandy-treasures exist that are relatively unknown. Don’t you think it’s time to discover these treasures for yourself? Let me describe a few of my favorites: (more…)

Dissecting “location, location, location” (pt. III)

Local Government Services

The final installment in our dissecting “location, location, location” series has to do with the government (read: “free”) services in the area. This will likely tie in with the “good neighborhood” aspect, and can also be reflected in the quality of the area’s school system.

Before you think of buying in a certain area, check out its public library and see what state it’s in. Does it stock its shelves with the latest books, movies or music? What kinds of activities are offered at the library? You can often tell the economic stability of a neighborhood just by peeking in the library. (more…)

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