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Get Outside in Southeast Wisconsin!

Wow. Look outside, Southeast Wisconsin! It is absolutely gorgeous out there today, with most of the areas reaching 70 degrees this afternoon – and the next couple of days are only going to get better! If there’s one thing we can truly appreciate in Southeast Wisconsin, it’s when nice weather rolls around. We’re all yearning to get outside before the clouds suddenly appear and the thermometer drops again.

Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of parks, courses, trails, courts and lakefronts to take advantage of when the sun peeks out. Take a look at out county parks and recreation guides to find a place to get up, get out and get some fresh air in southeast Wisconsin:

Milwaukee County

Ozaukee County

Racine County

Washington County

Waukesha County

Going Green What Does It Mean? What You Need to Look for When Purchasing an Eco-friendly Home

Everything from hybrid cars to all-natural cleaning supplies, people have brought “green” into their lives and are saving even more in their wallets with a home that’s more energy efficient. A study from the National Association of Home Builders found that 63 percent of homebuyers are motivated by the lower operating and maintenance costs of energy efficient homes.

If an eco-friendly home is what you’re after, read more to learn exactly what you should be looking for when viewing potential homes to buy: (more…)

Avoiding Online Real Estate Scams

If you’re looking to rent a home, you know the process can be daunting. Most likely, you’ll be searching for available apartments and homes to rent online. If you are doing so, make sure the sites you’re searching are reputable. There are plenty of scam artists out there stealing information from reputable real estate web sites to cash in on unsuspecting renters. Most notably, a scam which originates in Nigeria, and has affected home sellers and prospective renters right here in Southeast Wisconsin.

Click here to read more and find out how you can avoid falling victim to this scam.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and whether you’ve got it in your blood or choose to be Irish for just one day, it’s a fun-filled day of food, parades and maybe just a little imbibing.

If you plan in partaking in some of the day’s festivities, wow your barmates with some of these fun St. Patty’s Day facts – and don’t forget to wear green!

Read on to brush up on your St. Patty’s Day trivia:


March Madness – Real Estate Style

March Madness is once again upon us. Yesterday, 64 teams were entered into the 2010 NCAA College Basketball Tournament. This morning, college hoops fans began the process of filling their brackets in March Madness pools across the country. And this weekend, the Bradley Center in Downtown Milwaukee plays host to games in the first and second rounds of the tournament.

At Coldwell Banker, we’ve got our own March Madness going on, complete with a Home Affordability Bracket. The hometowns of each school at the Big Dance were set up in the same format as the official NCAA tournament bracket, and the school with the most-affordable homes in their market were whittled down to a Sweet Sixteen, an Elite Eight, a Final Four, the Semi-Finalists and, finally, a Most-Affordable Homes Champion.

Read on to see which school’s market come out as the most-affordable in home prices (including Milwaukee’s own Marquette University!) (more…)

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