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Tis the Season… Make Sure your Home is Holiday Party Ready

It’s that time of year again, where holiday parties start invading every one of your well-deserved weekends. Guests and friends of guests are coming in and out of homes around this time of year. Something else that could possibly be coming in and out of your home around this time of year is that cold and frigid winter air. During these times, it is vital to make sure your home is ready and prepared for the months ahead. Did you know that (more…)

Universal Design Tips for Any Home

One of the basic principles of universal design, also called ageless design, is that it makes homes more practical and safer for everyone — not just the elderly or people with limited mobility. If you’re remodeling or simply adding a few upgrades, be sure to keep universal design features in mind. There are lots of resources that’ll give you some great starting points, but here are a few favorites:


Play, Learn & Explore in The Real Estate Office at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question eternally asked of small children everywhere, and while you can expect the usual responses like “fireman,” “ballerina” or “baseball player,” have you ever thought a child might reply with “real estate agent?”

Well, after spending time playing and pretending in The Real Estate Office, an exciting exhibit that’s back at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum after three very successful runs in 2010, 2011 and 2012 your child may just add “Realtor” to their list.


The Southeast Wisconsin Fall Color Report

It seems just yesterday we were lamenting the scorching temperatures of our record-breaking summer, but as October begins there’s no denying it: Fall is here! The trees have already begun to change their colors and will reach their most vibrant hues in no time. Whether you’re driving about lake country or taking a hike to Holy Hill, make sure you take advantage of this beautiful weather and get out in time to see the fall foliage before the leaves disappear and snow covers everything in sight. (Yes, sadly that’s just around the corner…)

Over much of Southeast Wisconsin, it’s just about peak color time – the majority of the area will reach peak coloring within a week, but to see more specific detailing of when your area will reach its peak, click here. (more…)

What Would MacGyver Do? 6 Ways to Save the Day with Toothpaste

Rolling up the Colgate tube to squeeze out every last dollop before you buy another one is a simple, smart way to save money, but did you know that toothpaste also makes a good adhesive, deodorizer and cleaner (for other things besides your teeth)? We’ve collected some MacGyver-inspired ideas from the Internet to get more use out of your tube of tooth polisher.

What MacGyver did: Used plastic explosives disguised as toothpaste to create a diversion, allowing him to disarm his captor.

What you can do: (more…)

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